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Monday, November 1, 2010

MY Gizmo

I took this photo tonite i got my dogs new beds now my Gizzy likes the one i have sitting in front of my fireplace(electric lol) I did put Happy halloween on the front.. Hope it comes off tomorrow we will see...

Christmas gift idea Altered candles

I think im going to make these candles for Christmas gift exchanges this year.. They are fairly simple and you can use any extras laying around.. I used the medium Yankee candle for this one we have a discount store that sells these way cheaper thank you can buy off of the candle company.. I cut a piece of the paper any kind about 12 inches wide or measure around your candle I then cut a piece of contrasting paper about 1 inch wide to put on the piece around the top.. Just added some roses i had that matched the paper well and a bow or any other embellishments you may have . Just use your imagination..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life is a beach block

I am really in love with anything to do with the beach.I have a home in Florida that I dont get to visit as much as I like.. I really enjoy vinyl projects and making the glass blocks.. They are very easy to make.. I buy the blocks at the local lumber store for less than $5.00 my husband drills the hole in the bottom with a diamond cut bit.. I then put in a 30 lite set and decorate it from there. On this block i used all the cuts from Cricuts Life is a Beach this is one of my favorite cartridges.. YOu really cant tell but the bow on top is a lighted bow I made from ribbon after Christmas at wm for about 50 cents.. thanks for looking at my blog and please join as a follower

My granddoggies

I am posting my little grand doggies I dont know if my two kids will ever get out AND get married.. Oh well for now .They are both welsh corgies Roxy is the fawn color female she is 1 year old . And the tricolor is Gizmo hes the man of the house and very loveable... These dogs are so much like humans they have these little voices that kinda sound like the gremlins.....

Birthday card

Heres a birthday card i made for a friend of ours. Hes a bit of a gambler and kinda shy.. Hope you enjoy.. I hand cut this card as it if very easy I found a file online and am sorry cant remember whom to give them credit for this cute cut.

License plate for nephew

My nephew is a sophmore in high school and plays football.. Heres a license plate i made for him to show off on his car.. The school mascot is the falcon.. that part was kinda hard to put together but it came out pretty good.

nice site for free svg files

My favorite site to search for svg files is there are so many ideas to choose from every holiday etc.. take a look/

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Just finished up this clock for a housewarming gift.. I used just a plain canvas I then cut my cuts from the Wall decor cart and a few cuts from Home decor.. used parts from a target cheap clock .. and of course added a little bling, I am getting the hang of adding new things on here just wish i can change the backgrounds a little I havent figured that out yet... But thanks for stopping by.....

Glass block

I just made this glass block for my great niece not sure if i spelled it right... Well anyway i used Create a Critter for the animals and accessory's and added some bling and a few ladybugs.. I used storybook cart for the words this cartridge is very easy to do in vinyl for wording.. Only thing i do now is have to get a bow for the top......

Monday, October 4, 2010


I have a handicapped daughter and she likes making things with beads.. She asked me why she cant put something on here she made so I am putting on her recent bracelet, She made this for my sister whos son is playing soccer in Va. His team is the crusaders.. Diane says thank you for looking

Football tile for nephew

Heres a tile I made for my nephew that plays high school footbal.. I found some different svgs and put together making a few things today since it is so gloomy today.. This makes me feel good when i craft.. thanks for looking

Halloween glass block

I'm getting a little bit more familiar on how to post on here.. I really like doing the glass blocks. I have a wonderful hubby who drills the holes for me and hasn't broken one yet.. This block i used a svg file I found somewhere on line i put orange lights inside and it doesn't show up on pic to well.. I also made a bow on top with a ribbon i purchased at Michaels and its a white ribbon with spiders all over so it looks really nice together..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Link for some good fonts

I came across this website and it has some very nice fonts and dingbats.. most are about 1.00 and you get some free when you sign up.. take a look youll be suprised at all the nice fonts and things..

Fonts licensed from

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peacock card

Well 2 post in one day i must be getting brave.. Heres a card I just made using a peacock file I found on a svg page.. I added some bling but my pic came out really small.... I havent put sentiment inside yet i thought Id make some cards and when the time comes to put the sentiments in... While Im so glad you stoped by.. Please leave me a comment or follow me to give me the confidence i need to add more stuff thanks Joanne

Sunflower Autum Wreath

Hi its been a while since i posted but here is an wreath i made for my home for the fall.. I used a circle wreath from the dollar store.. I cut out sunflowers from a svg file i purchased at
I also added some spider mums and tick flowers... I hot glued them to the wreath and also added some feather pics and leaves i purchased... I posted on the c. website but probably will get it knocked off because i used a different program for the flowers....... Thanks for looking and feel free to follow my blog as i am going to start putting more items on here.. Its not as good as most of you guys but im going to try.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Father in law...

My father in law just had his 90th birthday.. So for the ocassion i made this tile and cut out his image in vinyl using inkscape to do the picture and cutting it out with scal.. these are very easy to make once you get used to the program... I seem to be getting on the ball and posting some of the things ive been making they sure arent as good as most of you guys but Im trying...

Farewell to a beloved pet

Its been a while since ive posted actually forgot how... Here is a Plaque i made for one of my beloved pets Foxy who passed away a year this week.. She always liked my flower beds so i put the plaque there... I used scal and actually did her pic in vinyl.. the lettering and every thing was made with scal also .. thank you for looking.....

Friday, May 21, 2010


This is a clock i made using a kit i purchased online... I used a shiny pearl paper as background ... I then used shiny glitter paper for the edges using Lyrical Letters.... It had a place for a pic so i found one that was taken about 3 years ago when me and hubby went to Dallas Tx it was taken standing in front of the fireplace at the Ewing ranch from the old tv program Dallas.. THanks for looking

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yahoo for Yudu

Well i just my Yudu machine after all the videos etc.. i decided to finally give it a try and it wasnt that bad... So here is the first item i made my daughters a real hockey fan so i did this shirt it came out ok but i could have used a little more paint.. It is a yellow shirt with gold paint..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lifes a beach

Heres the beach picture...

altered frames

Here are a few frames i picked up at the $ store the little house one i made for my buddies.... The other is a pic i did using Life is a beach.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My granddoggies

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Ok call me a little insane but here are my 2 best buddies in the univerise... This is Gizmo and Roxy they are pembroke welsh corgies one is a fawn the other is tricolor... They make fantastic pets and companions.. they even have their own little language kind of like the Gremlins hence forth the one name of Gizmo.. We had a beautiful corgi named Foxy but she became ill suddently and died suddenly by a very unknow diesese pyometria which means if at times you dont get your female fixed her insides can get very inflamed and kill them .. So please get your female spayed so you never have to go to the sadness of losing your friend.......

Vinyl pics

This is a pic i did of my daughters .I used inkscape to turn the pic into an svg file somewhat tricky but it did come out ok..

Vinyl pics

This is a pic i did of my daughters .I used inkscape to turn the pic into an svg file somewhat tricky but it did come out ok..

Glass block

This is the glass block my daughter has in her room she is a big Steeler fan . These are one of my favorite thinks to make..

My lolipop Flowers

Here is a project i did for my daughters center.. I used pastel Tottsi Pops and made some flowers from Plantain Schoolbook.. they looked very nice on the table . will make more and take to the Flea Market.

Paper crafts with Bling

Well hello fellow crafters. Not quite sure what Im doing but Im going to try.. My name is Joanne and i am hooked on Cricut and making all sorts of things with this addictive machine... I like using vinyal because it is generally friendly but will try almost anything .. i see all of you make such great blogs on the website but mine wont be as aggressive as all of yours.. Im new at this so don't laugh..
A little something about my self im in my 50s and live in Pa. south of Pittsburgh.. I have 3 adult children and 2 fantastic grandpuppies Gizmo and Roxy..I wish my grown children would move out but i don't see that happening in the near future,I guess they got it to good...My luck they will bring someone to live with us instead of getting out...
Well enough complaning and lets see if i can get the blog up and going.. Thaks so much if anyone looks at it....